Our mission is to give you the best possible opportunities to improve your game and enjoy your golf to the fullest.

Onsong Innovation Pty Ltd
ABN 88 147 727 151
PO Box 951 Springwood
Queensland Australia 4127

Our Product

Driven by the need to improve his golf, Vern Johnson took to his garden shed in 2008 to prototype an idea. The aim was to build himself a simple training aid that would improve his follow through. That first prototype has morphed over time into the sophisticated digital electronic device that we market today as the OnsongSwing.

We know that it is sound technique and a commitment to practice that will improve your game. However, we are very confident that using the OnsongSwing to provide guided practice will help aspirant golfers improve power, distance, and control in their golf swing.

Our Design

The OnsongSwing golf training aid was designed and developed in Australia with the assistance of a group of local experts in their fields — plastics, electronics, industrial design, and golf experts.  Aspects of the design of our device are covered by our US and AU patents.

The device is proudly manufactured in Australia using local manufacturers and assemblers. While the device contains some imported electronic components, it fully complies with the Australian Made trademark system.

Our Company –

Onsong Innovation Pty Ltd was formed in 2010 by Vern and Wendy Johnson, initially as a vehicle to support the development of  the OnsongSwing golf training aid. Drawing on many years of experience in business both corporate and private, Vern and Wendy decided to offer their services as a consultancy. ” We aim to support inventors and entrepreneurs looking to commercialise their own products or bring new levels of innovation into their business”.

Onsong Innovation has formed strategic alliances with experts in electronics, plastics, business compliance and the media to help expand the level of support available to its customers. “Using a  collegiate approach to innovation and  product development is an effective way for small businesses to meet the challenges of a swiftly changing marketplace and a cost driven business environment”.