Our mission is to give you the best possible opportunities to improve your game and enjoy your golf to the fullest.

Onsong Innovation Pty Ltd
ABN 88 147 727 151
PO Box 951 Springwood
Queensland Australia 4127

If you’re at all passionate about golf you will go to considerable lengths to improve your game. Well we feel the same way about our product. You could say that we have made it our mission to improve your golf.

Our research and development program has stretched across several years. Our commitment to and our investment in perfecting the technologies inherent in the OnsongSwing along with our quality control program have allowed us to deliver a unique golf training aid.

We believe the OnsongSwing can transform your golf.

We want you to enjoy the game and optimise the time you put aside for practice.

We want to provide you with the best opportunities to build your skills and understand the dynamics of your golf swing.

We are  committed to providing our OnsongSwing Members with useful hints and tips to get maximum benefit from our product. We also like to think that the conversation pieces and participation in our online members blogs will help keep your interest levels high and  act as a reminder to us all that we do need to practise to improve.

We have implemented a Member Rewards Referral program that will actually provide you with a direct reward/benefit/gift each time you refer someone to our shop and they purchase an OnsongSwing.  Your reward is not a 5% discount voucher for our shop or 1 point for every dollar spent by someone else. We want our members to become our virtual sales force and we intend to pay our sales-people generously.

See the Member Rewards page for more details.

In the About menu options; we invite you to learn more about our product, our company and our passion. While also giving you access to  the important administrivia that comes with running an effective business.