Terms & Conditions of Sale

Please read our Terms & Conditions of Sale below, to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase of our product.

Before you Buy

Please be aware that, because of weight constraints associated with the product being installed against the hosel of your golf clubs, it is neither water-proof nor scratch-proof. We recommend that it is stored in the neoprene pouch provided.

Note:– Before purchasing an OnsongSwing golf training aid, please check that your golf club shaft sizes are compatible with our product.

The OnsongSwing is designed to snap onto the parallel section of most golf club shafts next to the club head (against the hosel).The device can be safely installed on clubs with parallel shaft tip diameters between 8.25mm and 9.55mm (0.325 inches – 0.375 inches, 5/16″-3/8″).

Installation of the device on golf clubs with shaft diameters outside of these dimensions (or clubs fitted with shafts that have a constant taper through their length, such as rifle shafts) may result in damage to your device and/or the device detaching from the club during use.


Under these Terms & Conditions of Sale you may return the OnsongSwing (Product) purchased directly from us because you have changed your mind or are unsatisfied with your purchase.

If you wish to return the product please contact us first via email to our Sales Team

You cannot return and claim a refund on our product from us if it was purchased from another retailer. You should contact that retailer with respect to any returns and refunds. Similarly you cannot return and claim a refund on our product if it was a gift, prize or reward provided to you by a third party.

We allow you 14 days (after confirmed delivery) to make a request for the refund on your purchase. The product must be returned to us in undamaged and unmarked condition and be contained in the original packaging with all accessories included.

We will send you a return addressed padded satchel so you can arrange for our Courier pick up*. On receipt of, and satisfactory inspection of the returned product, we will then refund the original product price (less our delivery and return charges) to you via your original method of payment, directed to the purchasing entity/account associated with the purchase.

Faulty out of the box

Our products are tested, yet again, before dispatch to you. If your OnsongSwing is faulty out of the box we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  Some sovereign Border Forces and some postal services do, under some circumstances, use high energy scanning devices which can render electronic devices useless.

Except where otherwise specified by Consumer law in your jurisdiction, you should commence the process of returning a defective product to us as soon as is convenient for you. To return the product to us please contact us at Support first.

We will send you a return addressed padded satchel so you can arrange for our Courier pick up*. On receipt of, and confirmation that, the returned product has failed, we will repair your device or provide you with a replacement item at no cost to you.  We may have to replace you device using a lower risk delivery option or surface courier.  Alternatively, we can refund the original product price to you via your original method of payment, directed to the purchasing entity/account.

Repair and Replacement

Should your OnsongSwing fail at any time during the warranty period, please contact our Support Team via the Member’s Priority Support form on the Members Page. If you have  not previously activated your account with us, you should do so using the Registration form on our site or write to us via the postal address included in the User Manual provided with your product.

Do not return your OnsongSwing without prior contact with us*. We will arrange for its return with our carrier at no charge to you.

*Because the device is powered by a lithium ion battery, in some jurisdictions, we may need to send you suitable packaging and our courier’s pre-filled consignment note and labels.  

Warranty Statement

The  OnsongSwing® Golf Training Aid is also covered by the terms of our Manufacturer’s Warranty : —
“Onsong Innovation Pty Ltd warrants each OnsongSwing product to be, with normal use and service, free from defects in material and workmanship”.

In many jurisdictions worldwide your purchase will also be covered by warranties provided by local Consumer Protection laws. You can read our current Warranty Policy here.

Member Rewards purchases

Members (account holders) of OnsongSwing who purchase golf oriented product from the Member’s shop using Referral Credits may rely on the warranties provided by Consumer Protection laws in their jurisdiction. Use the Member’s Priority Support page to let us know if a problem arises.

Register and forget

When you purchase an OnsongSwing you are invited to register your details with us by providing your name, contact details and the serial number of your device (refer to our Privacy Policy). Our Product Warranties to you are in no way contingent on you registering your details however, we may otherwise require proof of purchase if a claim is made.

The warranties applicable to your product are detailed in the User Manual included with your purchase.

We reserve the right to alter our Manufacturer’s Warranty at our discretion and without retrospectivity.