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Practice drills indoors, practical?

Can I practice with the OnsongSwing indoors, and how can it help my game?

You can get quite a lot of value from performing practice drills indoors. This is especially true if your winters are long and snowy or you have very wet seasons and you can’t hit the nets at your course or practice at a driving range.

a serious training aid?

How can I know that the OnsongSwing is a serious training aid? Our training aid only weighs 44 Grams, yet it is capable of withstanding over 2.2 tons of force during impact between the club face and a ball. It took some very serious Industrial Design and quite a few destroyed prototypes, to be able […]

The follow-through rules!

Having a strong follow through is considered by many to be the most important asset in your golf swing!

In martial arts, and in all bat and ball sports, an accelerating blow delivers maximum power into the target. Like the miraculous Ch'i in martial arts, a strong follow through in a golf swing is far more important in delivering power, distance and control than adding 10~20 kilometers per hour in swing speed.

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Benchmarks: your guide to progress

Benchmarks: your guide to progress In  science, industry and sport, bench-marking is the method used to compare performance metrics whether it’s for;  results, consistency, time or cost. Using the OnsongSwing benchmarks facility during your practice sessions; you will be able to compare graphs from your current practice session with six bench-marked swing graphs that you have […]

Power Distance Control

If you’ve been playing golf for a while, no doubt you will have seen a lot of different swings, temperaments and skill levels. You will also have noticed that the best golfers seem to have effortless golf swings and almost boring levels of consistency. Is there something going on there?

challenge the dynamics of your swing!

Challenge the dynamics of your current swing before you change technique — The critical part of a golf swing happens too quickly for our brain to actively track progress. Any attempt at conscious control invariably results in loss of power. Some golf instructors call this the 'flinch'.

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Selecting a threshold swing speed to slow your tempo.

In your OnsongSwing user manual, page 27, we talk about how to establish a threshold swing speed setting. There are a couple of alternate approaches to achieve this. In this blog I outline a technique which can help you soften and slow the tempo of your swing with out sacrificing club head speed through the ball.

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Training with the SwingSound!

When training with your OnsongSwing, you should aim to have the SwingSound commence as the club head approaches the back foot (as we release the clubhead)

4 reasons why the OnsongSwing works!

The OnsongSwing works to shut down a golfers ‘self talk’ for that critical split-second as club head approaches the ball. A lot of mid and high handicap golfers attempt to consciously control their golf swing, instead of simply swinging through the ball.  This is not an easy habit for a golfer to break.