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Club Head ‘Acceleration’ — The Hidden Advantage

If you are not specifically training to increase your acceleration into the ball, you are missing out on your chance to hit the ball harder.

Hit the golf ball harder – Acceleration Counts

Why are we so focused on the ‘follow through’ ? On our OnsongSwing web site we talk a lot about club head acceleration. Acceleration is what builds an effective ‘follow through’ into your golf swing. We designed our golf training aid to record and display club head acceleration, maximum speed and ball impact. We believe […]

Benchmarks: your guide to progress

Benchmarks: your guide to progress In  science, industry and sport, benchmarking is the method used to compare performance metrics whether it’s for;  results, consistency, time or cost. Using the OnsongSwing benchmarks facility during your practice sessions; you will be able to compare six bench-marked swing graphs, saved as your best from each club type, with graphs […]

Power Distance Control

If you’ve been playing golf for a while, no doubt you will have seen a lot of different swings, temperaments and skill levels. You will also have noticed that the best golfers seem to have effortless golf swings and almost boring levels of consistency. Is there something going on there?

challenge the dynamics of your swing!
Challenge the dynamics of your current swing before you change technique — The critical part of a golf swing happens too quickly for our brain to actively track progress. Any attempt at conscious control invariably results in loss of power. Some golf instructors call this the 'flinch'.

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Chipping Practice Drill plus settings

Some of us are hugely frustrated with our chipping around the greens.  This chipping practice drill will help build consistency into your short game.

Rick Baker PGA Teaching professsional

The OnsongSwing graphs club-head speed through impact. The difference between practice swing and ball striking is a real eye-opener for some of my students …

Member Rewards Update

Are we being ridiculously generous? No you earned it! Our referral program is currently paying double credits for nine(9) sucessful referrals in 12 months

What you may be giving up, in trying for more distance?

Q+A with Vern, on ‘what you may be giving up, trying for distance’. Q: In the clubhouse after a round there can often be a few disappointed golfers complaining that they cannot hit their tee shots far enough. Is your tee shot really that critical?

Training with the SwingSound!

When training with your OnsongSwing, you should aim to have the SwingSound commence as the club head approaches the back foot (as we release the clubhead)