Is it complicated? No

It looks complicated, how long will it take me to learn how to use it?

Like any device that is new to you, it’s best to learn how to use the OnsongSwing first off. Doing so may well save you time later. It is a four button device so it isn’t complicated. We like to think that the menu system is pretty intuitive. Lefties should click the M button into the Main Menu then left arrow to < Dexterity >. Most everything else you will need to get started is also in the User Manual.

<strongWe strongly recommend that you read the user manual, there are a lot of options available. The basic use of the OnsongSwing is best understood by stepping through the pages of the user manual with the device held grip-like in your left (ie less dominant) hand. Do lots of those stylish left hand only swings. Adjust the swing speed threshold number up and down using the < – > push buttons. You will hear how the tone starts earlier or later in your swing.

There is a specific technique for getting the OnsongSwing to click safely into place on the shaft of your club. And no it won’t let go easily; we made sure of that. So even more technique is essential in getting it back off. Hint “there is a lot of mechanical advantage to be had at the grip end of the shaft!”

Understanding what the swing graphs can show you about your swing will allow you to get the most from your device. The incredible training effect from real time audio feedback (swingsound) is explained in the manual. There are also tips for using the feedback tone in Pages and Posts on this site. You might like to explore the customisable settings to personalise your device.