what is so different about this training aid?

What makes the OnsongSwing so different from other golf swing training aids?

This device delivers a number of unique and powerful features that make it remarkably different to other training aids in function, cost, and promise.

The OnsongSwing accurately monitors the club-head speed 1,000 times per second. It provides unique insights into what is happening as the club head strikes the ball. This monitoring was previously only available via the post processing of high speed digital imagery created for ultra slow motion.

The OnsongSwing offers remarkable value for money, giving you some diagnostic equivalents to professionally used equipment. For example:

  • club head acceleration,
  • ball squish,
  • power transfer,  and
  • maximum club head speed and ball impact speed

The SwingSound feedback tone in our device is also unique. The tone is emitted once your pre-chosen (threshold) swing speed is exceeded. While your club head speed remains above that speed the tone continues. This allows you to train for acceleration through the ball and into your up swing.

The feedback tone can also be used to build several practice drills. Drills we recommend in the user manual can help to eliminate a few of the more common swing flaws that frustrate us, like:

  • making a ‘too fast’ take away to start your backswing,
  • casting the club at the top of your swing,
  • failing to accelerate the club head into the ball when pitching, and
  • stalling your chip shots behind the ball.

I suspect that some of our users have invented other drills but haven’t shared them with us yet!