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Why do some golfers hit the ball further than others? Simple: they hit the ball harder.

Both club head acceleration and club head speed contribute to the driving force at impact with the ball. So if you are not training to increase your acceleration into the ball you are missing the chance to hit the ball harder.

The OnsongSwing graphical display of your club head acceleration is the feedback you need to guide your practice.

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Golf Australia Magazine

has to say about the OnsongSwing.

“Hi I’m Rick Baker, certified PGA teaching professional on the Gold Coast, Australia.”

“…………… the OnsongSwing graphs club-head speed through impact. The difference between practice swing and ball striking is a real eye-opener for some of my students.” — read more

Rick Baker

Australian PGA Member

Imagine enjoying your golf again!

The powerful training effect of the OnsongSwing is its real-time audio feedback. The memory of this unique tone becomes the focus of your golf swing, to the exclusion of other thoughts.

Your game is more consistent.

You trust your swing … and enjoy your golf.

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