Benchmarks: your guide to progress

Benchmarks: your guide to progress

In  science, industry and sport, bench-marking is the method used to compare performance metrics whether it’s for;  results, consistency, time or cost. Using the OnsongSwing benchmarks facility during your practice sessions; you will be able to compare graphs from your current practice session with six bench-marked swing graphs that you have saved as your best from each club type. The  dynamics you can compare are;  club head acceleration, smash factor, follow-through,  max swing speed and swing duration.

These innovative insights can be used either in one session or over a number of training periods for the six club types.Your review screens  for each club type are saved between practice sessions. This means that at any one time you have 48 swings stored in your device along with the six benchmarks you have selected. The facility allows for easy comparison between your current session’s swing graphs and your previous best. This provides a powerful training tool. it can provide fascinating insights into your training sessions and the differences in how you train with the different club types.

While reviewing your last eight swings, you can save a new best swing. This action will overwrite the previously saved best for that club type. Recording of benchmarks helps you celebrate your progress and see where improvements are being achieved.

To save a new best swing as a benchmark:

  1. Whilst displaying the review screen of choice, press M to save.
  2. Press Enter  to confirm.

To review your saved best swing benchmarks for each club type:

To help you gain insight into how your swing dynamics change dependent on your club selection, the OnsongSwing lets you view your best swing for each club type in sequence.

  1. In the MAIN MENU scroll to <Best Swings> and press Enter to select.
  2. Press  ►► to cycle through your best swing for each of the six club types.
  3. Press Enter to return to the Swing When Ready .

Compare your swing across the bag

It is useful to compare your golf swing across club types. For instance, some golfers over swing when using longer clubs. Most golfers have a favorite club that gives them maximum confidence. Comparing your best swing graph with that club to swing graphs from other clubs can be a bit of a revelation.

Happy Golfing from the OnsongSwing team!