Power Distance Control

It is all about: power distance and control —

If you’ve been playing golf for a while, no doubt you will have seen a lot of different swings, temperaments and skill levels. You will also have noticed that the best golfers seem to have effortless golf swings and almost boring levels of consistency. Is there something going on there that we mortals just don’t understand?

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Control your expectations

One of the reasons golf is such a great sport is because it relies on a handicap system to equalise us on the course. If you are in a foursome with the Club champion and they make more mistakes in the round than you do, you can take the round with your net score.

Realistically however your low handicap playing companion will seldom make two mistakes in a row and mostly plays well within his or her capabilities. Whereas us mere mortals:

  • try to muscle our shots, swing at about 110% of our capability and completely lose rhythm and form,
  • don’t really know from shot to shot how far the ball will fly or how well it will stop, and we tend to use our best shot from recent games  as our yardage, for each club and
  • we take high-risk cut shots or draws to get ourselves back on the fairway  and advance the ball towards the green, when a straight shot sideways will generally get us out of trouble in minimum strokes.

Play within your capabilities!

At OnsongSwing we talk a lot about power, distance and control. Each word holds a lot of different meanings in the dictionary and we think especially so in the minds of golfers. The three words represent the strategic pillars  of an effective golf game; they should apply to every golfer; competition professional and occasional weekend player alike. So our three pillars look like this:

Power is about transferring maximum energy from the club head into the golf ball. Power is not about outright strength.

Distance is about swinging the club and trusting the distance the ball will carry. Distance is not about hitting the ball into the next post code.

Control comes in part, from having options for trajectory and spin, but mostly it’s about consistency and hitting the ball straight.

Happy Golfing from the team.