Training with the SwingSound!

Training with the SwingSound —

In practice sessions with the OnsongSwing, we aim to have the SwingSound commence as the club head approaches our back foot (or to put it another way, as we start to release the club head).
As we swing, we continue to accelerate the club head through the target area (ball) and into the up-swing.

The intention is to concentrate on keeping the SwingSound going. With practice we should be able to keep the tone sounding well past our waist line.

Over time the goal is to slowly increase our swing speed threshold setting on the device. But we should not let this increase in the threshold speed change the tempo of our takeaway or back swing.

We need to continue to focus our efforts on keeping that sound happening well past our front foot. As we work to prolong the SwingSound into our up-swing, we will notice changes in where our swing finishes, and also how we are focusing the energy of our swing.

We might also notice that some aspects of our golf swing, perhaps our grip or stance or balance, are hindering our follow-through. In this case, it may be time to talk to a local golf teaching professional.

The OnsongSwing is a great training tool whether you’re in your garage or visiting an indoor Golf simulator; it will transform your golf.

Happy Golfing!