Keeping Personal Information safe

Hi hello to our Members. You may have recently seen news articles about changes to the European Union’s Privacy Protection policies. And you possibly have received E-mails from various organisations notifying you of updates to their individual Privacy Policies. We did not send any of our Members an e-mail about Compliance with the  European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Why not? you might ask; well we did some research and, after digesting a really good white paper from the  Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, it appears that Onsong Innovation’s  e-commerce activity and our management of  Personal Information that we hold for EU citizens who are members or casual site visitors does not fall under the GDPR.  We do not perform any Data aggregation using you personal information nor do we pass your personal information to third parties beyond your delivery details to our couriers.

We do comply with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 * and our Privacy Policy is based on the National Privacy Principles detailed in the Act.

However we have taken the opportunity to strengthen our Privacy Policy to include certain rights that the EU GDPR provides for it’s citizens:

  • Currently you can de-activate your membership (and your account with us) by clicking on the link on your My Account page. With that request we will change your account status in our database from Active to Disabled. You will lose access to our Members pages but we will preserve any Member Rewards credits you may have earned in case you change your mind. After your Warranty period expires we will archive your purchase order  and completely delete our record of your Membership.
  • You can now, via the Member’s Priority Support Contact Form, request a copy of all the personal information we hold for your account with us.
    Please select the Subject:- Personal Information or GDPR request.
  • You may also, via the Member’s Priority Support Contact Form, request that we delete all of your Personal Information from our database. That is to say; we will delete our record of your Membership, the details of your sales purchases from our shop and any accumulated referral credits; you will be completely forgotten. Please select the Subject:- Privacy – Delete all my Personal Info you hold

While we would be disappointed to see you cancel your membership we respect your rights to do so.

Cheers and Happy Golfing!


for the OnsongSwing team