Member Rewards Update

Are we being ridiculously generous with our credits? No you earned it!.

We would like to remind members that our referral program is currently paying one referral credit for each successful purchase of an OnsongSwing. Your credits can purchase golf related items/consumables that we stock in our online shop.

Also, if you have an active Paypal account we can transfer cash funds into that Paypal account to the tune of 7% of the net retail price for each referral credit. That is AU$15.75 for each credit. Percentage wise that is undoubtedly the best loyalty/referral offer ever.

If you have read our Member Rewards page, you will have spotted that we will also reward you with a bonus gift if you refer nine purchasers in any twelve month period.

Well, for a limited time, the company directors have decided to offer double credits for our high achievers, that is a bonus gift of 9 credits paid into your member Account … that’s AU$141.75