Chipping Practice Drill plus settings

Some of us really struggle and are hugely frustrated by our chipping action around the greens.  The OnsongSwing combined with this chipping practice drill will go a long way towards helping you build consistency into your short game.

A couple of principles we suggest you apply to your chipping;

  • every chip you make, no matter how close to the green and the pin you are, should have some follow through,
  • don’t let the club head slow into the ball, that will make it almost impossible to maintain distance control across different lies,
  • maintain a consistent stroke through the ball, shorten the back swing to adjust the carry.

Use these settings for this drill:

  1. Press M for MAIN MENU and < Club Type> will appear on screen,  press ◙ to select.
  2. Press ► until <Wedges> displays and then press ◙ to select and return to Swing When ready screen.
  3. Press M for MAIN MENU again and press ► once and < Graph Scale> appears.
  4. Press ◙ to select then scroll by pressing ► or◄ until <300%> displays and press ◙ to select.
  5. From the Swing When Ready screen, press and hold ◄ to reduce the threshold speed to the minimum.

Your OnsongSwing is now super sensitive to all movement and the audio feedback tone will activate at very low swing speeds.

Use this drill to build consistency into your chipping:

  • place the ball a little back in your stance,
  • move your weight more onto your front foot,
  • stay very still over the ball,
  • slow your takeaway to avoid the audio tone activating on your back swing,
  • shorten your back swing and extend your follow through,
  • accelerate through the ball, continuing at least until the club head points to your target landing area.

The aim is to maintain the audio tone through the ball and into the follow-through. Don’t look where the ball goes feel it’s direction through your hands. Practise across a range of distances from your target; increase your back swing and swing speed for more carry.


With  an effective follow-through, your graphs will show the impact with the ball in the middle of the screen and your follow-through continuing to the right-hand edge of screen.



Catching the ground first, slowing into the ball or lifting early to watch the ball on it’s short flight, will all result in graphs that run across the screen and stop abruptly on or just before the right-hand edge of the screen.

We’d love to hear if this chipping practice drill helps build more consistency into your game. It certainly helped reduce my frustration levels around the green.

The best time to start practising your golf was sometime last year. The second best time is today!

Happy Golfing!