Membership … has it’s rewards

Register as a member of OnsongSwing to take advantage of exclusive member content, blog, training tips, videos
          … and to participate in our lucrative Member Rewards Program.

How our Member Rewards program works

Whether you purchase your OnsongSwing from our shop  or you receive it as  gift or reward you have the opportunity to join our Member Rewards program.

If you register your Warranty details and your OnsongSwing serial number with us, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with an invitation to activate a Members Account. If you purchased your OnsongSwing from us, your purchase confirmation Email  contains our  invitation for you to activate your account .

In either case when you activate your account you will receive an email containing your login and password. That e-mail will also contain your Member Referral ID Number. Write your Referral ID Number on the referral cards provided with your purchase.


Simply hand a card to anyone showing an interest in the OnsongSwing, or to a friend who is trying to borrow yours and direct them to our website.

We value your referrals highly and look forward to your participation in our Member Rewards program.

The first time someone purchases an OnsongSwing from our shop and they have entered your Member Referral ID number at the checkout, you will be rewarded with a golfing gift … with our thanks for the referral! You will also have a Referral Credit added to your Member Account to get you started.

Your Referral Credit carries a face value of 7% of the retail price (ex tax) of an OnsongSwing.

Each of your Successful Referrals will result in another Referral Credit being added to your account. You can purchase our golfing consumables packs from our Members Only Shop using your credits. You can also redeem your Referral Credits as a funds transfer into your PayPal account (conditions apply).

Refer nine (9) buyers in any twelve months and receive a bonus gift from us to show our appreciation.

More referral cards are always available to members and may be ordered from the Members Only Shop.