As a teaching professional you know why most of your students don’t hit the ball as far as you do. It’s no trade secret!

You work hard to give us good technique and repeatable swing dynamics. You tell us to trust our swing, sweep the ball off the tee or pick a target and just hit the ball. Do you wonder sometimes, if we are hearing what you tell us? Truth is, we don’t really believe you.

Why don’t your students believe you?

Well, because they’re convinced that they did what you suggested. However, you know that they were thinking through every split second of that shot, controlling every muscle twitch in their swing … except for the bit where they went blank … and were left wondering where the ball went.

practice swing

ball strike

As a teaching professional would it be useful to be able to provide proof to your students — proof that they can just trust their swing, let go of control and simply swing the club through the ball?

An OnsongSwing can be a valuable tool for demonstrating to your students the significant differences between their practice swings and their golf shots.

We have built a teaching aid that fits in your pocket; no tethers, wires, laser beams,  computer displays or mobile phone apps. … and yet it records and displays, in detail, club head speed  and acceleration across that critical split second as the club head approaches the ball. It also details ball impacts and the level of energy transfer between club head and ball.

So you think you did what I just suggested you try?

Well here’s a graph that shows otherwise!

ball strike