As a teaching professional you know why most of your students don’t hit the ball as far as you do!

  • You work hard to give your students good technique.
  • Suggest we sweep the ball off the tee or pick a target and just hit the ball.
  • You coach for repeatable swing dynamics.
  • Encourage us to trust our swing.

Do you wonder if we are hearing what you tell us? Truth is: we don’t really believe you.

Why don’t your students believe you?

Well, because they’re convinced that they did what you suggested. They believe that their swing is exactly what you said to do, at least most times.

However, you know that they were thinking through every split second of their shot, controlling every muscle twitch in their swing … except for the bit where they went blank … and then were left wondering where they went wrong!

practice swing

Quote from Rick Baker PGA Teaching professional.

“The OnsongSwing graphs club-head speed through impact. The difference between practice swing and ball striking is a real eye-opener for some of my students … Read more >

As a coach, imagine being to be able to provide proof to your students that what you say to them is true, accurate, and repeatable. Would you like to be able to show them that they can just trust their swing, let go of control and just swing the club through the ball?

ball strike

If you haven’t already done so,  check out our Videos featuring PGA teaching professional Matt.

Prove your point

We have built a teaching aid that fits in your pocket. It weighs just 42 grams (1.5 oz).  There are no tethers, wires, laser beams, computer displays or mobile phone apps required. And yet it records and displays, in fine detail:

  • club head speed and acceleration across that critical split second as the club head approaches the ball, and
  • ball impacts and the level of energy transfer between club head and ball.

The OnsongSwing can be a valuable tool for you to demonstrate to your students just where they are bleeding power from their golf swings. It can also reveal significant differences between practice swings and their actual golf shots.

ball strike

OnsongSwing 360

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