Enjoy your golf again

The  powerful training effect of the OnsongSwing is that its real-time audio feedback becomes the focus of your golf swing to the exclusion of other distracting thoughts.

On the golf course the memory of the tone remains the focus of your golf swing, your game is more consistent, you trust your swing again and really enjoy the moment.watch our video

“Hi I’m Rick Baker, certified PGA teaching professional on the Gold Coast, Australia.”

“In my golfing career, I have seen all manner of golf teaching aids. A few months ago, I started using the OnsongSwing digital golf training aid. This device graphs your club-head speed 1000 times per second as the club-head travels from your back foot and up into the follow through.  It helps increase your swing speed into the ball and you can practice against your best swings.

It is astounding how much difference there can be between a practice swing and the swing when striking the ball. It is a real eye opener for some of my students. It’s very well made, with great backup support and I would recommend the OnsongSwing for anyone wanting to get the best out of their practice sessions.”

Rick Baker

Australian PGA Member

Optimise your practice

There is not much to be gained in practising the wrong moves.

Guided practice, with your golf pro is as good as it gets. But from a practical point of view some form of feedback, beyond your own observation of the ball flight, might also be helpful!

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